CRT^ provides solutions for Solid Waste Management (SWM) in urban and peri-urban regions in India. We offer various services under the broad umbrella of SWM Consultancy.

With a focus on research, data analysis and measurable impact CRT^ provides customized solutions to governments, corporations and individuals who require sustainable and efficient civic systems and services.


CRT^ provides various capacity building and training programs suitable to a variety of organizations in the fields of education, manufacturing etc. We offer the programs:

CRT Citizens' Forum

Besides the professional services we provide, we have also been able to catalyse a public movement for sustainable, equitable and efficient SWM practices in Aurangabad city. Enthusiastic volunteers from all of our projects have come together to form Team CRT – a group of proactive residents involved in addressing the SWM challenges of the city. This group has already given rise to two entrepreneurs in the field of composting and has helped six waste-pickers establish their own scrap-shop thus securing their livelihood and ensuring dignified working conditions.

Team CRT along with other organizations in the city also provides SWM solutions for major festivals like the Pandharpur Yatra, Ganeshotsav, etc. These festivals provide a great opportunity to interact with large numbers of people, raise awareness and spread the word about segregation of waste and responsible management.